The versatility of the new V8 TOUCH allows an adaption of the configuration of the unit to suit the requests of the dental team. It is possible to choose between a version with column or bracket cuspidor, both available in the version with hanging tubes or cords.

V8 TOUCH also offers a wide range of configurations for the nurse’s console available on a pantograph arm or on a double articulated arm, combined with touch keypad or a two buttons keypad for a cupfiller nozzle and for cuspidor flush nozzle.

WIRELESS FOOT CONTROL (with the basic model)
With the new wireless foot control, no obstructions thanks to the absence of connection cables Maximum level of hygiene is achievable thanks to the opportunity of managing a variety of functions without using hands.

Thanks to the intuitive touch interface, managing treatments becomes even more precise: the touch revolution allows for the setting of the usage parameters of the different instruments in advance according to the treatment scheduled.

The chair provides a higher level of comfort right from the moment of access of the patient. It offers utmost comfort thanks to Memory Foam self-modelling padded armchair and pneumatic headrest with the vertical and horizontal control for the correct positioning of the patient.